K-CRAC™ Color Remediation Activated Carbon Filtration Media



"Kleanup" Color Remediation Activated Carbon (K-CRAC) is our most versatile, nontoxic, food grade, post processing activated carbon powder. This plant based, pH neutral, high surface area activated carbon powder provides superior purification, pesticide removal and full color body clean up.

"Kleanup" Color Remediation Activated Carbon (K-CRAC) is our most versatile, non-toxic, food grade, post-processing activated carbon powder. Oil color got you down? Funky odor? Need a high-performance carbon powder for redissolve post-processing? K-CRAC has your back. Our plant-based, high surface area, pH neutral activated carbon powder has you covered. Provides excellent purification, pesticide removal, and color body cleanup. For best results, use with media bros MBDE filter aid.

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